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Bangalore Mountaineering Club– treks on every weekend [Thanks to sudha]

Must See India – Bangalore

Traverge.com [Thanks to sudeep ]


Bangalore Citizen Matters  [Thanks to manohar]

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What company T-shirts are really meant for

I was really happy when I first put hands on my copy of company t-shirt. I was happy because of two things — it was a first in my company’s history and that it was happening during my time there.

It was 31st October. Now after two months into the t-shirt clad company, I notice that some interesting trends are emerging. Wednesdays have most people wearing it than any other day. Why Wednesday? Puzzles always puzzled me. This one proved to be tougher than anything for a few days. But I believe I have a theory that can explain it. In order to explain the phenomenon, I am promoting myself as the hero of the story.

Let’s start with a question — Why should I choose Wednesday of all days to wear it? Is it because I am lazy?


I am lazy. I am lazy every morning. I am lazy every weekend. I believe that Saturdays and Sundays are invented so that people can sleep right through it. Considering that I find ironing my clothes every morning for office it backbreaking, there should be nothing more demoralizing than washing my clothes on a weekend. I can manage without ironing. But I can’t escape washing. People need to look neat and clean. You may ask, “why not use a dhobi?” I could but I don’t like it. [When it comes my wardrobe, I am fussier about whom it is handling.] So washing symbolizes the weekend’s beginning for me.

Since I couldn’t escape it, I devised a routine to reduce the payload. Use only two pair of clothes through out the week (When I say “two pair” you must comprehend it as two shirts and one trouser. Selecting those two “pairs” in itself is a complicated process considering that I have three pairs in total!) — A pair for every alternate day — one for Mondays and Wednesdays, another for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

And for Fridays?

Ah, well … Fridays can be tricky. Selecting your attire for the day heavily depends upon how long you plan to stay awake over the weekend. If an extra pair can seriously cut short your leisure (sleeping) time, then selecting for the day is easy — one from the two pairs will do. While making this choice, I always bear in mind these words of wisdom – people have excellent memories. They will recognize it at half a glance when you wear the same pair for two consecutive days. Darn them!

Wise men have said that a problem always almost solves itself when you remove the obvious complications. I am now left with only one choice or no choice at all. Thus Fridays generally see me dressed in the first pair of dress I started the week with. A weekend of leisure is thus secured.


Then one day Company introduced t-shirts. And that too in deep blue with not even a shred of white in it. Even if I wanted to soil it, there’s no place to make it noticeable. I could wear it for a month without washing it, if I wanted to. Someone is hell bent on solving my problems, it seems. No more hard choices to be made on Fridays. Still I am left with a colorful wardrobe for the week – first slot starts on Monday and I preponed the second slot by a day. Thus I can wear the t-shirt on all Wednesdays and still not wash it! Man, I love my company. I wish they made it their uniform!
That’s how I started wearing company t-shirts on every Wednesday. Now that it is becoming a trend, I can’t help wondering, “Is laziness contagious?”