Urumi – My review

I was earlierĀ skepticalĀ about Santhosh Sivan’s Urumi. And for good reason. (Specifics of which will be posted in another post)

My Verdict

For the impatient, here it is – Don’t miss it.

Its a gem among the utter non-sense that is running now in theatres; namely Christian Brother and August 15. A real serious, dead-on-the-money commercial film from the master craftsman – Santhosh Sivan makes the film the best visual treat available now.

Update : This review got listed in the Malayalam movie review site – varnachitram.com calling it “detailed and innovative review”. (link)


1. Cinematography – Of course, no one needs reminding that the camera is set in motion by … and he still continues to wonder.
2. Art – Minimal/Simple/Effective/Impressive
3. Lighting – The most awesome and un-appreciated part of this film is lighting or rather the lack of it. This film is an excellent example to other Malayalee directors on how to make use of ambient light.

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