Sighting a hooker

This post is not about how to sight a hooker but rather about what the sight of a hooker really is.

Last day while I was coming home after work, the bus stopped at the signal. It was a gloomy night and the mood inside the bus was light. Suddenly the men became excited. Their eyes flashed in the reflection of the street light.

Till that day I had never a seen a real-life hooker. The only experience I had was watching them in Hollywood films.

I followed the eyes of the men to find a tall fair curvy woman standing near the signal wearing a long blue gown which sparkled in the night light. A long slit extended from her toe up to waist revealing fair strong long legs. Her hair was tied up in a nice knot and was swaying from side to side like the tail of an elephant. (I am not sure if you can imagine her. You try seeing some Hollywood films.)

Suddenly she turned around to face the wall behind her and coolly removed the two strips of clothes supporting her chest to calmly rearrange them to a more provocative look. More than the sexual appeal, what attracted me was the sheer guts of that woman. I have never seen any woman so brave even to imagine such a thing. And there she was, standing uptight in the middle of the road, wearing no underwear.

Happy with herself, she turned towards the road expecting … someone for the night, I guess.┬áThe bus took the next curve taking the dejected men back to the sweet remains of a dreamy night.

I wished her a happy night.