friends come at a cost

Have you got friends? What a silly question is this? Of course you have friends and I know you have lots of them. What I wanted to ask you was that are there any girls in them? Don’t misunderstand me. I am not asking about your girlfriend(s). Apart from her, you know, some girls get real close to you. They are your good friends. The best friends. I am talking about them.

How often do you call your friends — Often / very often / frequent / rarely? I belong to the first category. Now the question is how often do I get a call? I mean incoming calls, not missed calls. Not much, I am afraid. Why would that be? Whenever I call someone, girl or boy, they seem to be happy to hear me. At least that’s the impression that I get. They will complain why I took so long to call and how much they are happy to listen to me again. But why is it always that they are waiting for me to call them? Why can’t they call me? May be they don’t have balance or may be because STD is costly. You can’t be out of balance for a long time. Thanks to the cell companies they make it sure that you pay them constantly. Well is STD the villain? I don’t think so. Now that the charges are dropping to knee level that anyone can afford a five minute talk without bankrupting themselves. Then what is the real reason?

How many male friends of yours do this? Almost none. Why? Because making calls comes as an in-built feature in a boy. She is used to receiving calls rather than making it. Why bother making calls when people are queuing up to call you! Some habits are real hard to change even when you are earning in tens of thousands.

Some gals are real funny. They will send you a message asking you to call her blaming low-balance. I happen to find out that its not always that way. Shortly after I received that sms, a call came to me from that number. I picked but nobody was on the other side. All I was able to hear was some conversation going on in the other end. She seemed to be talking to someone else. I suddenly realized that it was an accidental call. Since my name comes at the top in the contact list, the call happened as she forgot to lock the cell after messaging me! The call went on for about four minutes. Suddenly the call ended. The duration showed was 03:27 mins. Definitely not out of balance! Lucky me! That helped me proving my hypothesis into a theory!

I do have some friends who are real exceptions to my theory. They will call you, even in the depth of night, to remind you that you are still remembered! You are too ashamed to confess them that you have completely forgotten them! When you feel that shame, remember, you have a real good friend — Hang on to them at all costs.

I am not saying anything, just inviting your attention to something that has been long ignored. I can understand those who are not self-sustained. But what about those who are?

damn these guys

    why cant they give it as such? a $199 price tag was dreamy. $299 heavenly. but we poor indian folks cant get the iPhone for the respective indian price. why ? i dont know. reports say it will be priced at 20k and will only be available three months later ! %^&^^&%*%*( them!

matrix – reloaded A COPY ?

Have you seen the film — "Vietnam Colony" ? (for the ignorant its a mallu film directed by Siddhik-Lal starring Mohanlal and Innocent as the leads) In the film shortly after the title of the film is shown, the colony is seen expecting the return of the goonda — Rauthar. The other rogues of the colony tries to kill him. A stunt sequence follows.

    Now comes the most important part. In one of the scenes it is seen that Routhar is being flattened on the ground by a number of rougues by laying on top of him. Routhar with all his might send them flying in all the direction ! now have you seen the same scene some where  else ? anywhere ? any where at all ? hmm. lemme see. what about The Matrix – Reloaded ? no way you say ? think again. The fight when Smiths lay on top of Neo and neo with all his might … there you are. now you remember!

    and to think that the idea was seen first on a mallu movie! boy ! we are good – DAMN GOOD !

ps :- i wasnt able to find out who was the stunt-director. if anyone knows please post here.

iPhone war in india

who will bring it first — vodafone or airtel ? vodafone had a much publicised launch of iPhone 3G. well sort of. they have said it will be available pretty soon. thats all. but they will bring it to india. on the other hand airtel was rather quiet about its iPhone launch. both the parties are running a booking progream in their site. i have booked with the two. lets see who brings it first and who has the better plan. even if vodafone launches iPhone first i am gonna wait till airtel does it.

        by the look and feel of things since vodafone has declared iPhone first, logically they should bring it out first. but since it is airtel nothing can be profecised. the game ends when the gadget is up for sale. i am keeping my fingers crossed! will it be selling for a dream price ? $199 = Rs. 8500 / $299 = Rs.13000. will it be so?

i hate orkut !

    figuratively ! not literally ! but i am serious. a week ago i got a scrap from a person who is from my place. he said i am an interesting guy and all. ok. i agree. i am interesting. but the very next day i found out that he has copied my profile ditto !

    i mailed him asking this and an intersting conversion resulted. read through.

Best Description of me :- i am a rebel…'cause my life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the universe…in more shorter terms the eventuality of an anomaly which is seriously avoided…
(courtesy to The Matrix) …

WHAT THE F**K ? you copied my profile ? atleast be decent enough to give proper credits …


i think u r not the owner of this profile , and u already gave courtsy to The matrix, why the hell i give credit to u for that?, since u r the first copier or u took lot of pain and sufferings to get it

So before claiming credit u heve to make sure that u deserve it

And be polite

Onnumillenkilum ore nattukaralle

So i pity u for this Scrap

And even if u had done something u should feel great when somebody copies, Coping it self is acknoledgnet that u have something which others dont have

I already gave u credit by scrapping u that ,u r an intersting Guy

So keep the good efforts and dont do things which will let u down


Take it in the right spirit (if u have sense to understand)

i dont have the sense to understand what ? huh ?

i agree i copied the matrix dialogue … but what about the disclaimer … what about Trivia … what about all the other crap which u copied just like that … what about that ? i know i dont own the rights to my profile… i simply cant … beacuse of people like u …

also i dont care whether u r from my place or not … i have spent a lot of time putting up all those things in bits and pieces … that makes me angry …

saying i am interesting doesnt give u the right to copy anything without asking !

"So keep the good efforts and dont do things which will let u down
" — u r such a let down … if u cant do it dont copy it !

if u agree that u have copied Matrix, what right u have to comment on my coping.

u r worried abt scraps being copied, u dont know what is happening around u

i feel ur not a fit person for orkut,

anyway i appreciate ur efforts and am sorry if i hurt you

But the words you are using to scrap a person is really ridiculous, and a person like u should not do this

even everybody knows bad words, why they are not using it, Think ?

anyway i am not here to teach u sanmargapadam,

u r only only 22, u have to come a long way and attitude is very important

bye for ever

Matter should end here and u have to take things in a sports man spirit

i recommends u should not test my patience anymore

I wont mind coming down to your level or even below that

"i feel ur not a fit person for orkut, "

u carry around a lot or responsibility !

"i feel ur not a fit person for orkut, "

u carry around a lot or responsibility !

"I wont mind coming down to your level or even below that "

go ahead … do that … like that i care

also u dont have to go down any more when u v reached the last step !

"i recommends u should not test my patience anymore "

ha ha ha …

thanx mr. copy cat for that crap ! so long adios !

— after this i made my scrapbook private. thanx to orkut i denied him the pleasure of a reply !

for reference visit :- myprofile

hair cutter

Yesterday i had a hair cut ! i was growing my beard for straightening ! people straighten their scalp hairs why cant i straighten my beard ! have you seen some bald guys who have no hair in their head around the center, comb the hairs in the side to cover those part ! i was hoping to do the same ! since i had gaps in my beard ! fortunately my mustache had none  !

      so i was telling u i had a hair cut and shave. i donno i felt like having a hair cut ! muy long ugly hairs are gone ! pity them. poor hairs. they must have been longing toget straightened. so here i am walking in the dead of the night to my home and suddenly if felt like i want a hair cut ! in tavarekere there is a barber shop which i had gone once and i was satisfied with the way they do their cut. so i went there.

      when i entered the regular barber (he wears a uniform with the name of the shop in the back) was making final touches to a customer who was being treated by a guy who looked like a kid. he had the face of a boy. hardly had a mustache. since the uniformed man did the haircut last time i waited for him. for that i dropped the invitation from the boy. he looked visibly annoyed by that. but ironically when i went to the uniformed guy he told me to go to the kid ! man i had no other choice. i sat in the chair and said “hair cut. dont make it too short”. and then i waited for him to react. he slowly put an apron over my shirt and then he quietly said “u didnt wanna come.” that was like hitting me on the face with both hands. i muttered something like last time he did it so i … he didnt look happy. neither was i. well that aside he started working on me. suddenly he said “u know tamil? ” i said little. he added “thoda hindi (little hindi)”. i said me too know a little hindi. he smiled hearing me say that in my broken hindi. that actually made both of us relax.

      he was meticulous in his work giving me all kinds of options like short medium cut with or without mustache water on my face etc. when i asked him why he simply said “duty hey sir (its my duty).” also he treated my face like a precious jewelery. he was so caring that i relaxed without even me knowing it. it was the first time in my life i actually enjoyed a hair cut. finally i asked him his name he said “Raja” nice name for such a nice fellow.

     i think next time i go i sure will be waiting for him do the cut ! hats off to you Raja ! you did a great work. he transformed me into something presentable after half an hour of hard work. forty five rupees seemed very less for his work!

no Girl Friend ! be proud !

another great email forwarder !

Why do a few men never get girl-friends: :-).

The oft repeated topic. It seems to be a mystery until you really start
thinking. One of my personal favourites. Why some men can never fall in
love or never get girl friends. Many of us just keep complaining, without
thinking on what the inherent problem is.
Thankfully, I did it as a case study and found out some important issues
which might concur with a majority of ppl who are rocking the same boat as

1) You always sit in the last bench with the other class comrades who feel that its possible to get marks sitting in last row. In case of workplace, no girls are there in your project and you have like minded ppl like you as colleagues and wherein your entertainment oscillates between the bars and cinema theatres.

2) You obviously cant groove and dance, and dance around in a group in a disc by just shaking your head or grooving your hip. Desi music directors are your favourites. You cant wait for a bangra number to crop up. Unfortunately, you are too adept at dancing dappankuthu or desi dance, not the americanised western hip hop dance.

3) You perceive discotheque to be a place where you will have a chance to unleash your dancing potential (dappankuthu) and occupy the center stage with 10 other fellow rogues, immediately throwing out the babes from the vicinity of the dance floor. This automatically repels the women from you (they consider you as out of civilization. But, unfortunately we think that we are the only ppl who can really dance)

4) Your Intelliegence quotient mostly can take in just Jackie Chan, Arnold and Stallone flicks. It can take in just action films whose contents can be absorbed. You just can’t take any English Romance films. Desi romance rocks. We invariably are the DDLJ and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun types. Shahrukh, Rajni, Kamal, Mohanlal, Mammotty, Chiranjeevi rock. Tom Cruise is a dud!!! and invariably ***…(obv..its becoz of jealousy)

5) You cant eat Spanish, Chinese foods and your fav restaurant invariably happens to be Saravana Bhavan, Anandha Bhavan, Shanthi-Sagar types. Of course we cant forget Karpagam Mess, Mami’s kadai and Murugan Idly. We frankly are clueless as to what are Bella Ciao, Wang’s kitchen and things like that, unless we happen to go an a treat organised by the other guyz.

6) You dont see a reason why you have to go to Barristas or Qwiky’s when the local corner “Nair Kadai Chaaya” tastes like nectar and satisfies you more than a Barristas. Lime tea is the best tea to have been invented by an human and you are thankful to nair for providing it to you.

7) Most of the jokes you know are adult jokes which you can discuss only with your other fellow comrades and which again takes the oppurtunity from telling a joke to the girl and impressing her. But when you seriously tell very good jokes, the blondes can’t comprehend. You have to tell some absolutely “Kadi jokes” (terrible bores) to make them laugh, which you try however, will never come close to.

8) You obviously dont know how to make use of Yahoo Messenger, and you use it to scold your online friends with the best choice of invectives, spread rumours abt other guyz, and ask them to book the latest movie tickets. You unfortunately dont know how to flirt using Yahoo Messenger and are frequently at loss of topics when you want to chat with some girl. Whereas you are deluged with strange topics to discuss with your friend with whom you had lost touch for the past decade or so.

9) While chatting in messenger, you seriously cant start a topic with a member of the oppoisite sex. I have seen guyz chatting with girls purely with emoticons for more than a hour. You can never do that. You will have to crack real dumb jokes to start the conversation or falsely extol them. And bet, you can’t do the following:

Boy : What did you have for breakfast??
Girl : I had idli
Boy: Is it??? Same pinch, no back pinch, I too had idli. (he slyly pinches her) and laughs.
Girl : Ouchhh (artificially). It hurts.
Boy: Ohh.. I am sorry and (tries to apologise)………….then says “I had sambhar for idli.”
Girl: (excitedly)..Sambharrrrrrrr…. i had chutney….and giggles.

I swear, I cant tolerate any longer than this. And this is not a figment of imagination, by any means. I have seen this…Though I agree there may be exceptions.

10) You cant sing a Bryan Adams, Sting, George Michael’s song. When someone talks about Linking Park, you cannot even imagine who they are and the closest link you can associate with them is Cubbon Park.

11) You seriously are clueless as to what rock music is.

12) All through college life, you belong to this boyz gang and even in your gang, nobody has a girlfriend. So there is absolutely an absence of the inspirational factor.

With ALL these attributes, it is difficult for guyz like us to fall in love or find a girl. But it is not a sin after all. I guess we are not made for it. We are one among the few in the vanishing tribe. Let us accept that and be proud of that.

We have THE uniqueness that we remain single till we get married and having that trait is really a virtue and who knows, we might be the elite clique in the future.

So all those of you who feel sad that they dont have Gf’s, just chill! We are not made for it and I swear that for our characteristics, a GF would not have added any value addition and we are better off staying single till 28 or 30 :-)

this time i am first !

this is great ! nobody beat me to do this ! hoooo …

what am i talking about ? lemme tell you. when ever and where ever i try to get a mail id or url in my name i am being warded from doing so stating that somebody already has it . not this. its nothing much. but its a victory none the less. in orkut i am the first to create a community by the name 'aneeskA' … but what am i gonna do with it ? i have got no idea. we'll see to it later. but the first round is won by me !

How personal is your personal computer ?

The incident that I am going to explain is true to the best of my knowledge and experience. Any resemblance to living or dead is NOT purely coincidental or accidental. You may or may not know the people mentioned here. I am not responsible for that !

To understand the situation let me explain a little history. To begin with I have a seat in first floor. I rarely use it since the project on which I am working on needs me to be present in third floor lab 2. Except for my immediate neighbours and friends in first floor I don’t think there is any reason why you should be knowing this. But I deliberately pay one or two visits a day to my seat so that all know that I am still around.

Now last Wednesday, on one of my visits I suddenly noticed that someone had stolen my monitor! For a few seconds I stood there looking at the one that stood in its rightful owner. It took me some time to sink in that some body has actually swapped my monitor. Who could it be? Monday and Tuesday I was on leave. So that only by Wednesday afternoon I noticed this. What am I to do? Where am I gonna look? I asked my neighbours. They don’t know. But they remember somebody in my place fiddling with my monitor. Whom? Again they don’t know.

Ok. I don’t have any information to start investigating with. There’s an office boy on the floor. I asked him whether he knew where my monitor was. He didn’t. But he knew that my monitor got replaced. That’s good. Now I had confirmation. He ran around and brought me a guy who had personally done the shipping. I asked him why, for whom this was done, why wasn’t I told about this and so on. No solid answers. But suddenly out of nowhere he produced another monitor of my lost one’s size (I don’t know when its owner would come looking for me!). But still no news of my monitor. Where could it be? Who could have taken it?

This incident is not isolated. Surprisingly almost everyone I have told this about has at least one story like this. It’s a small comfort that my misery has company. Equipments vanishing, components missing and things like that is said to be happening all the time. Who does all these? No one knows. Even if somebody wants to know, nobody has bothered to answer. Where are our corporate manners? This is robbery in day light even if how silly it is!

Well now I know that there’s danger looming all around, I took my precaution. Better late than never. I put up a notice in my place explaining a few basic things like:-


1. This machine is up and running. I am still using it.
Eventhough I am not visibly, but I am.
2. No part of my machine is up for sale.
DONT feel free to take away CRT, Tower, keyboard, mouse or even mouse-pad.
3. DONOT rip it
Let it RIP

— aneeskA

I hope next time they would bother to ask me

After Afterwords
The incidents — my monitor being stolen and me putting up a notice — happened last week. Then why inform you now, so late? Watch out buddy. You could be next. Be on the ALERT!