The baggage

You get stared at as if you are nuts

You get surrounded as if you are a curiosity

You get shouted at as if you are a pervert

I have experienced all these.

The moment I fish out my camera and start shooting either one of the above would happen. Never once have I been marveled at.

Today I was shouted at for capturing a water body. Apparently the man who threatened to beat me up thought I was a pervert trying to shoot “kuli scene”! (translation – bathing girls). Honestly I was oblivious to that aspect. But considering that the water was so vast and sunny that I could barely look at it; let alone shoot, I was angered by his accusations. Plus the “girls” he was so worried about turned out to be eighty plus aunties washing their clothes! Why in the world would I want to see them bathing? Gross! After a couple of heated exchanges, he left the shore muttering under his breath. And me back to clicking.

Speaking of which, yesterday one of my relatives mistook me for “Ganesh Studio”! May be they were confused because of my bag and camera and unshaven look (the unspoken uniform of a professional wedding photographer). But to think of them asking me such a question!

Why does everyone treat a hobby photographer like this? I always get ridiculed and laughed at for my appearance – an unkempt beard, a large backpack with a tripod shooting skywards as if it is a transmission antenna plus my faded tee and a track suit! May be I don’t have the look of a photographer. But I sure know my stuff.

The moment I show them my clicks, the atmosphere becomes more cheery for me. But it is really tiring to prove your point all the time.

But hey, no hard feelings. But only a little!


I’ve been busy

Just in case anyone noticed my prolonged silence in the blogging sphere, this post is for them. I was busy … clicking!

Yeah. I spent a good amount of money on a DSLR :-) This was long by many of my fan following (blah! blah!) and me.

A collection of my best clicks are shared at this link – clickography : a discography of my clicks! A detailed description of the clicks will be shared once a photoblog is setup at that address. Be sure to leave your comments. Be frank; I can take criticisms.

So before we part again to be seen shortly, here is a latest click from my cam.

chitrapuzha bridge along ernakulam kakkanad sea port airport highway

Visit my clickography for more inspiring works.