What are you doing with your life?

Casual chats in office are increasingly becoming uncomfortable. Not because they are critical of my personal life, but they make me wonder what I am doing with my life, in general.

I like to keep myself busy. I make myself involved in a lot of unrelated things. For example, I have taken up writing, failed at poetry, photography, wed development, android app development, trekking, cycling, blogging, video creation etc. In all these activities I am now comfortable enough to hold my ground. All of these are in addition to my job as a C developer.

Now comes the most disturbing part of all. Even though I am doing all these things, I am not particularly making a break in any of them. Where as when I see my friends and other contemporaries, I see them as successful in their hobby.

Take my brother for example, he is professionally a UX designer. He is able to manage odd design works outside of his professional life. An ex-colleague of mine is in to cycling. He is organizing cycling events regularly and is going good.

Now look at me. I am deriving satisfaction in doing different things. But … still lack of recognition seems to bother me. It is like Calvin remarked, you are not good at something unless another person certifies it.

So coming back to the original rant. Who Am I?

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