Spanish Masala – An Indian’s Take

The observations of a wandering Indian when he was in Spain for a fortnight; in no particular order.

  1. First things first – There is no such thing as Spanish Masala! (the movie may beg to differ) They hardly use any spice. Eveything is eaten almost raw.
  2. No vegetarians exist in Spain. Or it is as if they don’t expect any vegetarians to be around. Almost every dish is non-veg.
  3. They eat pork pork pork and pork … and more pork!┬áIf there is any dish that they can’t make with pork, then they use pork pulps as some of a kind of jam!
  4. The people are beautiful as well as helpful.
  5. Girls are too good. They are almost like the saying “finger licking good!”
  6. The word “Coke” implies Coca Cola. Nothing else.
  7. And oh, they can not say Pepsi. They always say “Pespi”!
  8. Omelettes come stuffed with “onakka meen (salted fish)”!
  9. Also “chaala (Sardine)” is eaten with a fork and knife.
  10. No one knows English in Madrid. So no way you can hit on the girls :)
  11. Almost all women wear stockings with a micro skirt or knickers.
  12. Every one owns an iPhone or at least one of the Apple products.

If you are thinking of these as “mean-o”, you must have actually enjoyed it!