Stories from the month of March, 2011

“Hey, what are you doing?” . “I am busy;sitting idle.”
March 29

Worst thing in life – Waiting for some strangers to drop by and say good words about your work.
We are pathetic. Ain’t we?
March 28

Bangalore is a hell if you don’t have a girl friend.
Bangalore is still a hell if you do have a girl friend.
March 24

Doctors crack boring jokes. Engineers are better.
March 20

Every time I open twitter, I have this strange urge to say something very funny and very profound.But alas! It is so not me! :-)
March 14

When desperate men and women were busy dying in Japan, we were busy updating facebook and twitter.
March 12

I don’t think I will ever grow up, if I continue to live with my parents.
March 10

Now who will remind me not to forget about not forgetting it?
March 6

Perfumes are good. but not so when they produce a nauseating smell.
March 3

Mom’s food is the best. Why?
Because I’ve lived alone and have cooked myself! That’s why.
March 2