Stories from the month of February, 2011

My mom loves sending me to grocery shopping.Not ’cause I’m any good.But ’cause dad doesn’t buy her demands. Since I don’t know any better…
February 27

When you check Facebook too often, it seems that the world is going very slow.
February 27

I am thankful to my gal friends for uploading pictures of their beautiful friends. Great social service 😉
February 27

I am eternally grateful to Spammers. They make sure that I don’t feel lonely when I open my mail
February 26

Boys are blessed with a filter in their eyes to zero in on girls even if there is only one in thrissur pooram sized crowd!
February 23

Quoted from my friend ” Bugs are neither created nor destroyed. It is evolved from a feature in certain conditions, and finally evolved into the feature disappearing itself, once the conditions are properly met.”
February 18

Stories from the month of January, 2011

There’s a solution to every problem. Rebooting is one such way!
January 30

Indians are indeed a rare breed whom are patriotic only twice a year!
January 26

I think I will never be able to shoot a sunrise. My morning is at 9AM but his is at 5! Darn these timezones 😉
January 22

Newton’s fourth law of motion – Time travels fast after your 25th birthday :-)
January 20

ജീവിക്കാന്‍ ഓരോരുത്തര്ക്കും ഓരോ കാരണങ്ങള്‍ – ഐസ് ക്രീം തീറ്റ അതിലൊന്ന് മാത്രം !
January 19

Getting old is no longer fun!
January 16

When you are 14, you are in a hurry to grow old. But when you do, you will realize “Getting old is no longer fun!” Everyone does the same mistake. :-)
January 16

My favorite usage in english – “not only but also” ! Who the hell came up with that crap anyway? And for what purpose?
January 13

My bio — “Going through life trying to understand why it is so damn difficult for people to spell my name correctly!”
January 13

ഞാനും എന്റെ ബാധ്യതകളും! എനിക്കു തന്നെ ചിരിവരുന്നു.
January 4