Trek to Keezharkuthu

It happened! All my fears were misplaced.


Udumbannoor – Pariyaram – Kaithapara

keezharkuthu - start of the trek

We started from Udumbannoor at 7AM towards Pariyaram. The trek to Keezharkuthu starts from Pariyaram. And Pariyaram will be the last place to stock up your supplies before you start the trek.

From Pariyaram, we entered the forest. There was hardly any serious trek involved till we reached the turn to Keezharkuthu falls from Kaithapara. There is a winding jeep road towards Kaithapara. If you are very adventurous, you can traverse the hill straight up like we did.

How to reach Udunbannoor

Kerala -> Idukki -> Thodupuzha -> Udumbannoor


keezharkuthu - route to the waterfall

Once you reach Kaithapara, you have to take a right turn towards the jungle and thus towards Keezharkuthu. The first couple of kilometers is a breeze to walk. But once you reach the edge of the hill, the real trek starts.

You have to climb down through a narrow steep walkway, which is easy to miss. This is very dangerous because if you fall, you end up straight in the river a mile down – crushing the foliage and the jungle – a high voltage adrenaline trek if done during the monsoon.

Keezharkuthu falls

keezharkuthu waterfall

After a kilometer or so of trek, you see the falls – live! What a site that was! Silver colored water jumping down to the earth below from heaven.

Keezharkuthu falls – Malayinchi

This is the best part of the trek. This is most interesting if you do it, downhill. The walkway starts on the other side of the waterfall. Through narrow precipice, the walk is very dangerous. (This makes me want to do it in rainy season :-) ) Almost a 10km walk is towards Malayinchi. From there bus is available to take you to Thodupuzha.

Parting Shot

fun at keezharkuthu waterfall

3 thoughts on “Trek to Keezharkuthu

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    • I am sorrt Dharma. I went with my uncle who already knew the parts very well. At the bust stop there is a small shop where you can ask if they can arrange someone. Thats the best possible way out I think.

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