Trip to Keezharkuthu

I have a plan to visit this place on foot. But will it happen this Saturday? My screwed up parents won’t let me do it if they comes to know about it. Its funny that even though I am 25 years old, I am not allowed live my own life – my way.


Update – A write-up of my experience is published here.

Trip to Thommankuthu

Recently ( to be exact – last week ) I made a solo trip to Thommankuthu ( Wiki ). One fine sunday afternoon, I gunned my activa to life and hit the road towards Thommankuthu.


Thommankuthu is about 20kms from Thodupuzha. From Thodupuzha, take the road that goes to Karimannoor. In the karimannor juntion, you will have to take a left turn towards Thommankuthu. There is a small board that gives the direction which is very easy to miss. So makes sure you take the turn.

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