New year celebration at Fort Kochi

Ushering in the new year is a happy occasion – for beverages corporation and for the people alike. But for normal folks like me, new year eve is a chance to wander loose in the country. So for this year’s new year’s eve, I planned a film (as always) and a visit to the Fort Kochi beach.

The film was ‘Man Madhan Ambu‘. It was a nice feel good entertainer from Kamal Hassan. Trisha looked gorgeous and Madhan dashing. After the show, we headed to Fort Kochi in two bikes. The only thing dreaded for us was police checking. Because one bike was Karnataka registration and the other Tamil Nadu. But we reached Fort Kochi barring an occasional stare from policemen.

At Fort Kochi

The mood in Fort Kochi was electrifying. People dancing to dappu tamil songs – family included! Never seen such a spirit among people. Also while coming to Fort Kochi, we saw an ammachi danicing to vijay song!

Foreigners, expecting a different feel to new year celebration, were seen mingling with the crowd easily. Even though every self respecting man was sober, they didn’t seem to care.

Confirming local lore, there stood a 10 foot high Santa, all puffed up with explosives, ready to be exploded to usher in the new year. Since I had seen such a scene in the malayalam film ‘Chota Mumbai’, I was expecting a mammoth Santa. But was content to see a Santa standing.

The crowd was getting bigger and bigger, tighter and tighter. The mood lifting up in anticipation of the hour. A foreigner kid was seen sporting a flare and dancing to her own tune, but was largely ignored by the public.

The moment it struck midnight, amidst a cheering crowd, santa started to explode. If you were a eye popping display, you would be definitely dejected. It was a rather low-key affair with a splash of fireworks in the sky before people started to disperse off into the night. And we kick started our journey back home.

One thing I didn’t understand. Why was santa so happy about getting exploded? :-)