project 100 – first 50 days – a retrospection

It was fun, challenging, thrilling, hair raising, maddening, … I have put together a list of stories which I found to be interesting. These are my top 5 personal favorites from the first 50. 

story 40 : I never realised how lucky I was, until you left me.

story 39 : “This is my biggest liability and strength” He said proudly patting his battered wheelchair. I am humbled.

story 26 : Every rain reminds me of her. I used to wish secretly for rains just see her happy. She loved to sit hours watching it; beside me.

story 17 : I would never forget her eyes when they recognised me. I knew even after two years, they are still in love with me.

story 03 : She smiled when I came near and said “today you look great”. Smiling I opened my eyes. Darn! I am late for office.

Honorary Mention

story 07 : I hate google. I should have known better – Girls google too. Apparently someone else had given her the same letter earlier 😉

story 22 : A smile was coming towards me. I looked up to see a girl with open arms walking towards me. And she hugged! Well, the man next to me :-)

story poem 21 :

I want to be lost, never to be found again.
Girl, give me hope,
give me asylum
in the abyss of your hair
leave it open for me

Let me know which ones are your favorite. (Complete Archive)