desktop wallpaper calendar 2010

I did a calendar for . A very small preview is given above. For downloads click on any of the following screen resolutions.

Design Thoughts
A cinemascope layout was adopted for the design. This decision was made to leave plenty of real-estate available in the desktop even after the full calendar is added. Also this choice of layout makes the central theme of the design to stand out and catch the eye of the beholder.

I was bombed – I was machine-gunned – I was torpedoed – with mails, post cards, text messages and tomatoes requesting/imploring /threatening the release of an empty template of the design.

I am obliging – for all those who wrote in and who didn’t write in. Please find a naked version of the design below. But it is available only in one screen resolution.

where is Calicut University and Airport located?

Where is Calicut University located?

Where is Calicut Airport located?

[click for larger image]

“What a silly question!”, You might be thinking. But if you think you know the answer, then it’s time for you think again because you just thought wrong.

The answer is NOT Calicut!

For the answer, check these links : Calicut UniversityCalicut Airport

PS: For the impatient, here is the answer – Calicut International Airport is in Malappuram and University of Calicut is also in Malappuram! Now tell me why are they named “Calicut …” if they are in Malappuram?