happy birthday, dear friend

today my best friend is celebrating her birthday. when asked how old is she getting, like all the girls, she just smiled. i guess she turned thirty 😉

here’s how the girl once looked

2 thoughts on “happy birthday, dear friend

  1. Hmmm…
    The gal hasnt turned 30. When that time comes, u'll be the first person she informs… :|..

    N thanks for ur wishes..hehehe

    N.B. The gal has turned even more attractive when compared to this foto after 1 year in Chennai… 😉

  2. its certainly good of the gal to give me that promise. but i don't think she'll ever turn 30! not that she will, but that she will never accept being 30, thats why. 😉

    i'm sure the gal has become more beautiful. but i have heard the sun in Chennai is not that friendly as it used to be in kerala. :-)

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