Mothers are the necessity of invention

So said Calvin. But when? That was the question I tried solving the other day.
I first read a “Calvin and Hobbes” strip in my degree second year. It was my bro who showed me the first strip. We had a hearty laugh reading it.
We fell in love with this kid. For a short duration his mischief kind of possessed us. Our parents were unusually suspicious of us even after it went away. Imagine what would have happened to them, had we read Calvin when we were kids!

Suddenly, the other day, for no particular reason this “mothers are …” came back to me. I remembered the situation clearly – Calvin making up a story on the mess he created when confronted by his mother. But I couldn’t recollect what his explanation was. I started googling to see if I could find out the strip. I tried many combinations. None produced any result. I found out a complete online collection of calvin strips here.

But since I had no clue when it was drawn, this page was pathetically useless. Almost half an hour went by googling.

I knew somehow I was unnecessarily complicating the search. I thought, “Let’s try with the obvious now.” I couldn’t resist smiling when I was pressing “Google Search” button with this query:

On which cartoon did Calvin say “mothers are the necessity of invention”

Google came up with 5 hits. The second result lead me to this incredible site. It has the dialogues of every Calvin and Hobbes comic tagged against the date in which they appeared – an online Calvin and Hobbes dialog dictionary.

Calvin said those epic words in November 28, 1988


infinite storage with seagate

 this post was written for a entering a blogging contest 

1.44MB floppy once could hold all the data you had and still would have space left in it!

I still remember the joy I felt when I was presented with a 256MB pen drive. I thought I would never own enough content to fill her up.

Now four years into the future, the very thought of not able to fill even a 256MB sounds silly. With storage devices beefing up with a lot of storage, I started chasing all the films, music, pictures, ads, albums, wallpapers I wanted to see and have in my personal collection.

I pursued every director I adored – Spielberg, peter Jackson, Robert Zemeckis, George Lucas, … I collected all the actors and actresses whose performance I loved the most – Clint eastwood, tom hanks, Morgan Freeman, Will Smith, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Hilary Swank, …

I went onto music, ads, albums, talks, seminars, … and god knows what else. It slowly became evident for me that I need to have a gatekeeper for my sea of data.

Whom to trust with my precious collection?

I googled to see what others are saying. For “most reliable external hard disk manufacturer” keywords, google produced a ton of results. I found references to many products but what caught my eye was that there were hardly any complaints against a Seagate product.

And for good reasons.

Sturdy and trendy design coupled with great software makes it the ideal device for all your backups. The five year warranty reflects seagate’s confidence on their engineering.

When you plug it into the dock, it immediately lights up as if it is smiling at you. Also its easy to carry around with formfactor comparable to an iPhone.

I can make a lot of people happy with my tera bytes of quality entertainment stuff. when people are happy it shows on the world.

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Please Note : This post is written towards entering a contest being conducted by Seagate and IBNMS . It is not necessary that the author shares the views and opinions given in this post. 

Update : I didn’t win. These are the winners.

Makeup for the good … of the makeup man?

Let’s face it. Girls are beautiful and they know it.
There is nothing wrong in appearing good even if it means wearing a little make-up. But they generally have no clue when “a little” becomes “a lot“.

Wedding is the celebration day.
New dress. New hair cut. A little perfume. Groom is ready.
In 99 out of 100 occasions, groom looks dapper. Bride? Well … brides are a little more complicated than their counterpart.

Heavy saree. Okay.
High Heels. Okay.
Heavy ornaments. Almost Okay.
Thick make-up. A definite NO NO!

Thick is as in THICKEST — an inch of white powder on the face and the reddest red lipstick on the lips. I feel very disappointed when ever I see a bride like that. She could have been easily the showstopper but always ends up being the most pathetic figure.

So far I have never seen a bride brave enough to waver the temptation and appear in her natural best.

The day I see an exception I am burning this post in kerosene. I have decided.

Looks like that day will never come. After all we are talking about girls!