Illayaraja copies A R Rahman?


I recently found out that there is a striking similarity between Rahman’s 1994 Telungu film “Gang Master” song – “Baddaragiri-Seethammaku” — and Illayaraja’s 2003 Malayalam film “Manassinakkare” song – “Chendackoru Kolundoru”. 

You can’t fail to notice the similarity between the two songs. Is it genius finding inspiration from another genius or is it pure coincidence?



color light pink
size 38
make British Club
age One year and Four months
Last seen At my terrace
I lost a shirt of mine. How can a shirt be lost? I’ll tell you. Before that let me tell you something about this shirt. A year ago when I was going to join my company, father and me went to our local textiles showroom and bought me four shirts. The one I lost yesterday was the costliest. When I say costliest, it is only relative. To avoid any speculation let me tell you it cost a little over four hundred rupees. It was light magenta. British Club was the brand. I had never heard of British Club shirts before that day. Considering that I am a nerd in shopping and fashion, it’s no surprise.

I took it with me to Bangalore but never got the opportunity to wear it. Then Eid came. I wore it for the first time after three months of its purchase. I was kind of very fond of it since it felt great on touch. I went to the mosque with my father and brother wearing it. After that I wore it again on a trip to ooty where it was torn because of my over enthusiasm. (My mom stitched it back into one piece.)
Then after that I wore it during our Onam celebration last September. A couple of times more when I went for client visit with my PM. That’s it. After one such visit, last Thursday, I put it to wash. I got the chance to wash it only on Sunday night. I put it to dry on our terrace and left it there till yesterday night. When I came to reclaim it, it was gone. All the other shirts were there except this. Generally I make sure clothes stick tightly to the rope either with a clip or with a knot. I remember clearly putting it over the rope and fastening the buttons. After all that precaution, it’s gone. Somebody must have taken it — intentionally. Intentional as if in a mistake, I hope. Because it is neither new nor costly. So I am hoping who ever has taken it, will return it.

How about when I go to the terrace in the morning, my shirt is there waiting for me to be collected? Hey you, my shirt-lifter, are you listening?