an untouched glass of water

Today morning I was late in getting up (as always). I ordered “poori” for breakfast. But the routine curry that comes with it was over. I asked him, “What else is there?“. “Appam Only“. “OK. Then bring Appam and kadala curry“. He shouted the order in the kitchen.

The table I sat was in the leftmost corner. It had three other unoccupied chairs. A water jug and four freshly washed glass were kept on the table. The plate of Appam arrived shortly. There were three Appam and a small bowl (long shallow bottom plate oval in shape) of kadala curry. A glass of tea came after some time. Without any mercy I pounced on the appams.

When i was midway on my first appam, a small kid dropped on to my opposite seat. He settled for poori with gravy of kadala curry. The kadala curry I was having was too spicy. Nonetheless I kept eating somehow managing to hide my watering eyes from him. 

Suddenly he grabbed one glass and poured water in it. I was aware of his actions even though I was not looking at him directly. Then something unexpected happened. He pushed the glass towards me. I didn’t know what to make out of it. I looked at him fleetingly for a second. We looked at each other for about two-three seconds and then I withdrew my gaze back to my appam. I wasn’t sure whether he was offering me the water or he just placed the glass a bit too much away from him. I was confused. I tried to concentrate on my eating. From the corner of my eyes I was watching him. Eating became difficult. The pace with which I started waded away. I suddenly became conscious about my surroundings. My senses sharpened.

Whereas he just sat there as if nothing happened. He calmly waited for his order. The waiter came and chit-chatted with him. Finally his plate came. He started eating almost immediately. He first carefully tore all the pooris into small pieces and then started eating each piece soaked in kadalacurry-gravy. He seemed to be so occupied that I wondered whether he forgot all about the glass of water. Just a second after the thought crossed my mind, he grabbed another glass, poured water into it, drank two-three mouths, put it down and resumed eating. I didn’t know what to do. I paused for a second to watch him drink the water or did I?

Now I became suspicious about the glass of water he offered me. Was there any thing wrong? Was there any insect dead in that? If that was the case he wouldn’t have drank from the same pot. Was his action genuinely genuine? 
My head got clogged with all kind of thoughts. I felt like running away from the table then and there. But I was still hungry and my eyes still watery. 

He didn’t seem to have noticed anything. He sat there chewing the pooris peacefully till they diluted in his mouth. I stuffed the remaining appam in my mouth, swallowed hard, drank the tea in one sip and left hurriedly to wash my hands.

While paying the bill, I looked at the table. He was still chewing. There were two glasses of water in front him — one untouched !

a new turf for blogging

There are 4.5 million blogs in wordpress (as of yesterday). Blogspot should also be counting the same — if only a bit more, i guess. Later we started twittering. 

I have tried all and stopped later. Reason — laziness! The more i wanted to blog, the more lazier i became. It’s a lot of hard work first of all. Not that I like it, but it puts one in kind-of a doubt whether the outcome will justify the time spent on it. Generally it doesn’t; with me :-)

A typical indian spends more time on orkut than on any other social networking site. I had long ago given up facebook finding it difficult to navigate. (i have heard the same complaint from orkut migrants from facebook though.) I was contemplating on my empty scrapbook (once in a month or so i get a scrap) that it suddenly dawned on me some possibilities that no one has ever thought about. May be I could be the beginner of a new revolution.

Here’s the idea. Why not use my scrapbook as my blog? No body has done it before. Mr.Okut should not have any problem with this arrangement considering my fantastic track record of scraps hardly totaling two digits even over a period of an year! Anyway I am scrapping me only. I am bothering none but me.

So I started in full flow and is still continuing. Like always no one has noticed. The bright side is that the look of my profile has gotten better with scraps counting over ten. That’s a solace. Who cares if all are from me?

Now that the secret is out in the wild I am expecting some followers. If atleast one person does the same I am happy.  check out my orkut scraps.

near death experience

yesterday i had a near death experience! like always i was late going to company. i ate from a local mallu restaurant nearby and walked at my leisure to the bus stop. since it was past ten i had no hope of getting a bus. why are you not asking me why?

ok. good.

now that you have asked, let me tell you that since BMTC is so preoccupied with sending buses only to Majestic, you can even call it a lucky day if you can find two buses to sivajinagar through audugodi in half an hour duration. yesterday was such a day for me.

i got into bus and took ticket. i seated myself besides a teen. I was busy taking note of the happenings on the road that suddenly I felt a object leaning against my leg. Looking down I found a box shaped like a suitcase; blue in color. idiot! i cursed the owner for leaving it against my legs. but suddenly a thought occurred to me. what if it is … a bomb? I remembered the casualties in bangalore months back in bangalore. what if this is another…

Suddenly a lot of things flashed in my mind — me bleeding to hell in the hospital, the things i wanted to tell my parents, the face of my gal friend (oops, sorry. read it as would-be-girl-friend) and lot of things that i have long forgotten. I can’t recollect what all went through me. for almost ten seconds i was lost in my thoughts. Suddenly i came back to my senses and realised that my beats are pacing up. Also little drops of sweat appeared on my forehead.

i thought i would freak out. my hands were tightly clutched. my entire body was vigilant. my senses became sharp. i prepped myself for any emergency should one come. it was the longest ten minutes of my life where i just sat there thinking about nothing in particular. lost in my thoughts. or was i thinking at all?

a dark boy was calling somebody in my direction. I looked up. It took sometime to register that he is calling the teen sitting to my left. He got down on the next stop carrying the box with him. It was their tool-kit! Silly me. I almost killed myself with high blood pressure.

silly me!

nature photography — whats the big deal ?

there was a time when photography was the favorite pastime activity of the privileged. who could manage the staggering investment that involved except the big pockets? for the good, times changed. digital photography dawned; so did amateur photographers. photography became a relatively inexpensive hobby.

with digicams came the era of point-and-shoot – the maximum skill set expected became distinguishing  a lens from a lens cover. but thank god the quality never diminished. new ideas started emerging. with that came the obsession with nature photography.

nature has always been beautiful. she was always ready; always letting you capture her beauty. why not shoot her? she is so beautiful. no matter how bad you shoot her, the end result would always be great. but as always no one would be quite satisfied with the picture they got; always looking for better shots. the rage just caught fire.

more and more people came into photography. the crowd got bigger and better every day. i should be feeling happy about it. but somehow i cant. may be because most of the people are interested only in nature photography. i am not saying that its bad but shouldn’t we be giving a little bit more attention to our fellow beings. yes sir i am talking about homo sapiens.

i have gone to a couple of trips and treks myself where the oft seen situation is that people are busy capturing the stunning natural beauty. not that its bad, its bad when you totally ignore the beautiful faces around you. nine out of the ten photographs that will come out are of nature. it may bring you praise from others. but think about this:- after some decades, when you revisit your album with your children or grand-children, will you be or will they be interested in seeing the unwavering natural bliss or you?

think about it. its worth a consideration.

365 days at work — poster design

(Preface :- long have i been planning to write a note on my design attempts. now that i have written the first, i hope this would never be the last)

First year of professional life is a milestone in any fresher’s life. It’s the point where he/she gets to shed their “fresher” title. Last month was the transition period for eleven of us. We wanted to have a quiet celebration.

What is more appropriate than a poster?

I was all set except for an idea. Since I wanted to cook something simple, I rejected all the obvious ideas that flooded my mind — a cake with a lighted candle, a one rupee note with our names on it, etc. With every passing idea not working, I became disheartened.

Chaos to Clarity

A flashback of the last one year puzzled me more and clouded my thoughts. What was I doing all these time? What did I leave behind? People were not amazed about me; but nonetheless they were impressed. After all, I am leaving my mark in the corporate space. Suddenly everything fell into place. I knew what I had to do; what I had to write; the confusion simply vaporized. So, the flashback did do me good.


Since we have been imprinting our impressions on each and everyone we come across, the punch line could be nothing but

“We have been leaving our prints all over company for the last one year now”

With a thumb-impression and snapshots of my fellow ex-freshers, the poster was complete.


Seeing the poster, one of my seniors exclaimed, “So you people were responsible for the pile of printouts around the printer!”

unbreakable movie!

villain in search of the hero! its not a paradox but its a possibility that has been effectively portrayed on the screen by Manoj Night Syamalan in his film UNBREAKABLE.

we see in the beginning the birth of a boy who has weak bones — he breaks his bones during delivery. so unstable his bones are. later we travel with our (yet to become) hero in a train which met with an accident from which our protagonist is the only survivor. that’s how Syamalan introduces the two protagonists of the film — Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson.

Bruce is being followed by a comics collector (Samuel Jackson) who insists that he is different: special. the rest of the story revolves around the life of Bruce who is a security guard.

Syamalan has saved the bomb for the last (like always). no more spoilers. see the film.

standing guard

for the last four days, i have been standing guard for a product of our group. i think i do make a good security guard it was an exhibition where we have showcased our product. I was posted to be present for 4 days since i was one among the ten odd people who worked in the project who were free for the occasion.

after that i have a renewed respect for security guards, sales persons and all the other people who make their living by standing all day. man you wont believe me. its dead tiring. when you have no visitor in your stall for more than half hour it starts to become straining.

the four days were no waste. i have started appreciating some of the oft neglected aspects of life.