iPhone in India — was it worth the wait ?

I, like the millions of others, waited and waited for the IPhone to hit Indian shores after it launched in the US. I always wondered why are we made to wait so long for a peek at this device? May be steve knows. May be he doesn’t.

iPhone 2G came and went. still nothing for India. Finally the news came that iPhone 3G will get released here and that too on the same date by the two telecom giants in India — Airtel and Vodafone. I started day dreaming about the day when the device will sit in my hands. All that was to end today mornign when i received a sms from vodafone. It simply said get ready iPhone is coming Empty your pockets! The price tag attached was ridiculous – 31k and 36k for the 8 and 16 gig models. Are they nuts? 3G has not yet came to India and they themselves say that some of the functionalities wont work in our networks ( which, they have surreptitiously forgotten to mention ). All I am left is a device with a lot of functionalities which I can’t use!

Now I am thinking of buying an iTouch. why? because I have been reading reports that people carry around an iPhone for browsing and a proper cell phone for making calls. But I am not bothered that much. I am putting my iPhone dreams on hold since its too heavy for my pocket.

May be I am supposed to envy at others for having an iPhone!