friends come at a cost

Have you got friends? What a silly question is this? Of course you have friends and I know you have lots of them. What I wanted to ask you was that are there any girls in them? Don’t misunderstand me. I am not asking about your girlfriend(s). Apart from her, you know, some girls get real close to you. They are your good friends. The best friends. I am talking about them.

How often do you call your friends — Often / very often / frequent / rarely? I belong to the first category. Now the question is how often do I get a call? I mean incoming calls, not missed calls. Not much, I am afraid. Why would that be? Whenever I call someone, girl or boy, they seem to be happy to hear me. At least that’s the impression that I get. They will complain why I took so long to call and how much they are happy to listen to me again. But why is it always that they are waiting for me to call them? Why can’t they call me? May be they don’t have balance or may be because STD is costly. You can’t be out of balance for a long time. Thanks to the cell companies they make it sure that you pay them constantly. Well is STD the villain? I don’t think so. Now that the charges are dropping to knee level that anyone can afford a five minute talk without bankrupting themselves. Then what is the real reason?

How many male friends of yours do this? Almost none. Why? Because making calls comes as an in-built feature in a boy. She is used to receiving calls rather than making it. Why bother making calls when people are queuing up to call you! Some habits are real hard to change even when you are earning in tens of thousands.

Some gals are real funny. They will send you a message asking you to call her blaming low-balance. I happen to find out that its not always that way. Shortly after I received that sms, a call came to me from that number. I picked but nobody was on the other side. All I was able to hear was some conversation going on in the other end. She seemed to be talking to someone else. I suddenly realized that it was an accidental call. Since my name comes at the top in the contact list, the call happened as she forgot to lock the cell after messaging me! The call went on for about four minutes. Suddenly the call ended. The duration showed was 03:27 mins. Definitely not out of balance! Lucky me! That helped me proving my hypothesis into a theory!

I do have some friends who are real exceptions to my theory. They will call you, even in the depth of night, to remind you that you are still remembered! You are too ashamed to confess them that you have completely forgotten them! When you feel that shame, remember, you have a real good friend — Hang on to them at all costs.

I am not saying anything, just inviting your attention to something that has been long ignored. I can understand those who are not self-sustained. But what about those who are?

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