matrix – reloaded A COPY ?

Have you seen the film — "Vietnam Colony" ? (for the ignorant its a mallu film directed by Siddhik-Lal starring Mohanlal and Innocent as the leads) In the film shortly after the title of the film is shown, the colony is seen expecting the return of the goonda — Rauthar. The other rogues of the colony tries to kill him. A stunt sequence follows.

    Now comes the most important part. In one of the scenes it is seen that Routhar is being flattened on the ground by a number of rougues by laying on top of him. Routhar with all his might send them flying in all the direction ! now have you seen the same scene some where  else ? anywhere ? any where at all ? hmm. lemme see. what about The Matrix – Reloaded ? no way you say ? think again. The fight when Smiths lay on top of Neo and neo with all his might … there you are. now you remember!

    and to think that the idea was seen first on a mallu movie! boy ! we are good – DAMN GOOD !

ps :- i wasnt able to find out who was the stunt-director. if anyone knows please post here.

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