How personal is your personal computer ?

The incident that I am going to explain is true to the best of my knowledge and experience. Any resemblance to living or dead is NOT purely coincidental or accidental. You may or may not know the people mentioned here. I am not responsible for that !

To understand the situation let me explain a little history. To begin with I have a seat in first floor. I rarely use it since the project on which I am working on needs me to be present in third floor lab 2. Except for my immediate neighbours and friends in first floor I don’t think there is any reason why you should be knowing this. But I deliberately pay one or two visits a day to my seat so that all know that I am still around.

Now last Wednesday, on one of my visits I suddenly noticed that someone had stolen my monitor! For a few seconds I stood there looking at the one that stood in its rightful owner. It took me some time to sink in that some body has actually swapped my monitor. Who could it be? Monday and Tuesday I was on leave. So that only by Wednesday afternoon I noticed this. What am I to do? Where am I gonna look? I asked my neighbours. They don’t know. But they remember somebody in my place fiddling with my monitor. Whom? Again they don’t know.

Ok. I don’t have any information to start investigating with. There’s an office boy on the floor. I asked him whether he knew where my monitor was. He didn’t. But he knew that my monitor got replaced. That’s good. Now I had confirmation. He ran around and brought me a guy who had personally done the shipping. I asked him why, for whom this was done, why wasn’t I told about this and so on. No solid answers. But suddenly out of nowhere he produced another monitor of my lost one’s size (I don’t know when its owner would come looking for me!). But still no news of my monitor. Where could it be? Who could have taken it?

This incident is not isolated. Surprisingly almost everyone I have told this about has at least one story like this. It’s a small comfort that my misery has company. Equipments vanishing, components missing and things like that is said to be happening all the time. Who does all these? No one knows. Even if somebody wants to know, nobody has bothered to answer. Where are our corporate manners? This is robbery in day light even if how silly it is!

Well now I know that there’s danger looming all around, I took my precaution. Better late than never. I put up a notice in my place explaining a few basic things like:-


1. This machine is up and running. I am still using it.
Eventhough I am not visibly, but I am.
2. No part of my machine is up for sale.
DONT feel free to take away CRT, Tower, keyboard, mouse or even mouse-pad.
3. DONOT rip it
Let it RIP

— aneeskA

I hope next time they would bother to ask me

After Afterwords
The incidents — my monitor being stolen and me putting up a notice — happened last week. Then why inform you now, so late? Watch out buddy. You could be next. Be on the ALERT!