Hollywood Masala !

Honest and un-biased review of 10,000 B. C.

You wont believe me when i say that i am talking about the recently released Hollywood flick — 10,000 B C ! I saw its review on Sunday The Hindu (titled ‘dull and plodding‘)… still i went !!! that’s because it was a team-out which you wouldn’t want to miss in your life especially when its your first. We were ten guys (not exactly one gal was there) who went to the film which recreates a beautiful brutal period of time.

After the first ten minutes we started looking at each others face. I was glad that I received back stares ! For the first time in my life I felt like wanting a girl friend. She can be of great company for such a movie ! (i have got nothing against gals in general — they are all beautiful and great buddies especially when you are being forced to watch such a film) Thanks to the cup of pop-corn, I was too busy to get bored; at least for the first ten minutes. Darn these pop-corn makers ! They make it finish in a flash (may be because there were simply too many hands to grab them !).

Coming back to the movie it had a slow start, crawls through the story line (giving us plenty of time to take a nap) and a dull ending. The graphics is superb! Hats-off to those who made it. Other than that there is nothing much worth commenting about. Humour is dry. The people talk excellent english (thanks to the script writer !).

The bottom line :- don’t get angry at me when i say that you won’t even get to see the shadow of the talent the director showed us when he did pictures like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow !

if (you are looking for a nice place to talk to your girl friend)
    go and see the movie
    escape !!!

Fast And Furious — Tokyo Drift Tiltle-song Download

Who can forget the opening song of this film? When I wanted to know what this song was and who did it, the net almost made me go crazy! After a lot of searching I found out that the song was done by ‘DJ Shadow’ called ‘Six Days’. Download the song from here!

source :- http://mp3jadul.blogspot.com/2008/02/various-artists-fast-and-furious-tokyo.html
lyrics :- http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/Dj-Shadow/Six-Days.html