rahman’s name misspelled in www.arrahman.com !!!

how many amongst you die-hard rahman fans can spell his name correctly ? find out whether rahman’s site passes the above challenge from the image given below.


PS:- i checked the site (www.arrahman.com) this morning (around 10am IST)to find this in ‘What’s New -> A R Rahman Declared Indian Of the Year In Music’ section.


contrast the brightness and brighten the contrast ??

what the hell?

If Watson would have asked the question to Sherlock Holmes, he would have answered, “Elementary Dr.Watson !” Isn’t it ? What say you?

Contrast the brightness and vice versa means nothing to you ? ok. lemme explain. We’ll take one at a time and explain.

Contrast the brightness — In colorimetry brightness is the perception elicited by the luminance of a visual target. Whatever that means i know that it is the white content on the screen. To do something in the exact opposite manner is called contrasting. Therefore contrasting the brightness implies decreasing the white content.

Brighten the Contrast — Contrast in colorimetry shows the difference between colors. Increasing this difference is brightening as brightening means improving. Improving the difference means increasing the contrast value of the monitor so that the color differrence is prominent.

Bringing the two factors — brightness and contrast to a healthy ratio enhances the quality of display. So beholders adjust your display to get maximum user experience !

I could have just said that but wheres the fun in that !!!

acknowledgment:- special thanks to my dearest friend — basil alias — for helping me with understanding the logics of colorimetry !