Trek to Shivagange

“Shivagange is a hill top which is about 1400 m above sea level. Clean air, good roads and beautiful rural scenery. The steps are carved out of the rocks to make the climb easy. There are metal railings along the steps to prevent a fall (should you feel the need to!). The 360 degree view of the landscape is breathtaking!“

Thus read the call for a trek to Shivagange in BTC (Bangalore Trekking Club).

On a chilly morning, we found ourselves awaiting the train to Dabaspet in the company of a dozen other enthusiastic people at the Majestic Railway station. The train picked us up at 7:45AM and deposited us in the quiet town of Dabaspet in a little over an hour. From there, we took an auto to the base of Shivagange Hill.

As any other mountain with a temple attached, Shivagange is also infested with monkeys and it is advised to keep the edibles inside the backpack you are carrying. Few moments after I entered the temple that leads up to the mountain, I felt a heavy load hitting my back pack. Instinctively I turned and threw my hands at whatever that was clutching the bag. Unknown to me there was a bottle of Maaza kept on the outer pockets of my backpack. My hands landed on the monkey’s face who was trying to snatch that bottle. He let go immediately and jumped to the ground. I was facing the monkey and waited for him to make the next move. But he kept staring at me. I think he was as shocked as I was by the turn of events. I kept the bottle inside the bag and continued on my way.

Shivagange Trek

For most of the trek, the vegetation is just shrubs and the sun was hitting on us hard. Refreshments are offered on the way up by local vendors. You have to be faster than the monkeys to gulp them down the throat.


What are you doing with your life?

Casual chats in office are increasingly becoming uncomfortable. Not because they are critical of my personal life, but they make me wonder what I am doing with my life, in general.

I like to keep myself busy. I make myself involved in a lot of unrelated things. For example, I have taken up writing, failed at poetry, photography, wed development, android app development, trekking, cycling, blogging, video creation etc. In all these activities I am now comfortable enough to hold my ground. All of these are in addition to my job as a C developer.

Now comes the most disturbing part of all. Even though I am doing all these things, I am not particularly making a break in any of them. Where as when I see my friends and other contemporaries, I see them as successful in their hobby.

Take my brother for example, he is professionally a UX designer. He is able to manage odd design works outside of his professional life. An ex-colleague of mine is in to cycling. He is organizing cycling events regularly and is going good.

Now look at me. I am deriving satisfaction in doing different things. But … still lack of recognition seems to bother me. It is like Calvin remarked, you are not good at something unless another person certifies it.

So coming back to the original rant. Who Am I?

In the new town (Puducherry/Pondicherry)


Bangalore sent us off in heavy rain. Pondicherry welcomed us with scorching sun during the day and thunderstorm during the night.


Pondicherry, which is just 6 hours away from Bangalore, shares some similarities with Goa – slow pace of life and nice people; except for the usual exception of autowalas and bike rental dealers.

Pondi scores over Goa in its ubiquitous availability of vegetarian hotels where food is clean and cheap. We discovered a Malayali restaurant owner who was serving tummy full of Chicken biriyani with three pieces of chicken and a hard boiled egg for just Rs. 60/-.

Since most of the visiting tourists – domestic and foreign – are devotees of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the ambience around Heritage town is serene throughout the day.

Roaming around

Renting a two wheeler is highly advised. Almost all the places are located in and around M. G. Road; except for Auroville which is about 15kms away.

A visit to Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a walk in The Promenade, Serenity beach and Paradise Beach are some activities that can be done.

Aimlessly roaming around the streets are highly recommended. While visiting the beaches to watch sunrise is highly NOT recommended since local people are used to relieving themselves in the beaches.

Who wants to hear a funny story?

I was locked in inside the room by my roomies!

Well … It was an honest mistake. But imagine waking up to find yourself alone in the room with the door locked on a Saturday morning. And the two person who has the key are in Kerala – atleast a day’s distance away.

What do you do ?

Well .. simple. Break the door. And that’s what I did.

Venniyani Mala – Treading on the footsteps of Victor George

Victor George, the talented photographer met his tragic death while trying to cover the landslide that occured in Venniyani mala in 2001.

We visited the place where a memorial is set up in his honor.



The most awkward moment is when you are at a loss of words for the names of vegetables at a local shop. #being_a_hubby

Change is good. But being blackmailed into it is …. #being_hubby!

Kids have started to call me uncle already. #being_hubby

Post marriage if you don’t put on weight, they will say its ’cause of the cooking.But if you gain weight,you become a lazy ass #being_hubby

Being eternally forgetful is … #being_hubby

Why do you think men are made to vow “I do”? Because they have to do everything from them on. #being_hubby

A woman’s superhero is her hubby. That makes things uncomfortable for the hubbies. Luckily Superman has a new fashion designer #being_hubby

Thou shall not joke about their own wives in social network. At least make sure no one sees it 😀 #being_hubby

Hubbies try to look cool in social circle by cracking wife jokes. But in real, they are … for real 😀 #being_hubby

#being_hubby you are expected to live up to the status of your better half 😛

#being_hubby you suddenly become the marriage expert for your cousins! Poor brats, what do they know!

That awkward moment when the wife asks to open a container’s lid and you can’t! #being_hubby

#being_hubby, you are her world bank, handkerchief, sleeping pillow, punch bag – all rolled in to one.

What am I going to do with all the brownie points I earned doing house chores! 😀 #being_hubby

If #being_hubby is personified by a pot belly, I know a lot of poor souls who are born with one!

#being_hubby is being snubbed :)


Dumb Charade

The 12 of us were returning after a refreshing trek in the Sharavathi Rain forest last week in a Tempo Traveller. Since there was a load ride ahead of us before reaching Bangalore, we looked for ways to kill time.

“Dumb Charades,” Ruchin promptly suggested.

It would have been a great idea had we were on a bus rather than on a TT. The tempo was crowded with us, our luggage and the separation between seats was narrow for any person to stand and face the audience. Also the low ceiling of TT prevented anyone from standing erect for a long time.

We all looked at Ruchin sceptically. But he was the poster boy of confidence!

“Why? Why can’t we play Dumb Charades?”

Quieting our objections, he declared “I will start. Watch”

He stood up in his seat, which by the way was the last seat in the TT, and stared at us. It was difficult to see him as none of the lights were lit inside the TT. We could barely make out his form from the passing street lights.

We all stared at his still form silently wondering what he is upto.

After some time, he said “Don’t you guys get it?”

“No. What was the film?”

Beaming triumphantly, he said, “Khamoshi”.

A drive to Bheemeshwari

Cauvery River At Bheemeshwari

Bheemeshwari is situated along the Cauvery river almost 110km from Bangalore. It is a wild life reserve rich in flora and fauna. Apparently the place is famous for its fishing and trekking camps – operated by resorts.

Its nice drive from Banagalore. Follow the route as given by Google maps . The route is scenic and it maintains a rustic look reminiscent of the past.

The beauty of bheemeshwari

The only activity that you can do if you are driving there alone is to get in the water and drive through the scenic winding road. Otherwise local resorts are conducting several packaged programs that starts from Rs.1700/- per head.

Bheemeshwari package details